What is Nutrigenomics?

by Romy Nathan, MPH, RD

One size does not fit all. Nutrigenomics is the relationship between food and inherited genes. We are all unique individuals and even though we have science-based population guidelines (RDAs) for nutrient needs, science has brought us further along so that one’s personalized nutrition needs can be better estimated. This is done through the field of nutrigenomics and personal testing.

Ever since the human genome was decoded in 2001, scientists have been able to study the expression of genes and have found that individuals with different genotypes can have different needs when it comes to nutrients and metabolic reactions. For example, depending on the genetic markers that make up your DNA, your body may react differently to saturated fat and cholesterol than your family and friends. Or you may find that you may have a higher need for a certain nutrient than the general population. Successful weight loss strategies have also been shown to be different for different genotypes. One genotype(AA) has been found to respond better to a high protein diet for both weight loss and maintenance. Whereas as other genotypes(AT and TT) showed no benefit from a high protein diet for weight loss and maintenance.

Nutigenomic testing can show how your genes impact body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, athletic performance, fertility, food intolerances and eating habits. If you are interested in having a test done for yourself, I offer testing by Nutrigenomix®. Contact me for more information.

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